Pest Control Spikes for Bird Pigeons Gulls Polycarbonate 10Mby Mega Saver Shop

Pest Control Spikes for Bird Pigeons Gulls Polycarbonate 10M

Pest Control Spikes for Bird Pigeons Gulls Polycarbonate 10M

Home & Lifestyle - Pet Supplies - Bird Spikes - Polycarbonate zig-zag 10 metre bundle
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Pest Control Spikes for Bird Pigeons Gulls Polycarbonate 10M

The loveliest property can be ruined by bothersome pigeons perching on its ledges or fences. Who wants a roof or windowsill coated in bird droppings? With Bird Spikes you can finally rid your home of pesky birds!

Whether your neighborhood suffers from light or heavy bird infestation these Anti-Bird Spikes are effective at preventing pigeons st arlings and gulls from resting on your house.

Made from polycarbonate bird spikes come in a 10-metre bundle and can be applied almost anywhere. Whether your buildingメs surface is flat irregular or curved they are easy to mount. Installation is quick and simple and can be done with your preferred choice of hardware such as screws adhesive wire ties or nails.

With transparent polycarbonate and a low profile cloudy blue base the Anti-Bird Spikes blend well with any surroundings. These spikes are virtually undetectable from ground level so your home will retain its attractive appearance.

Durable and long-lasting spikes are maintenance-free once they are installed. Polycarbonate plastic is also safe and eco-friendly with no rust lethal coatings or surfaces that will deteriorate from normal use. In addition these bird spikes are much more economical than expensive stainless steel options.

Innovative Anti-Bird Spikes are designed in a zig-zag outline with many densely packed branches that angle outwards from the top. With such detailed engineering pigeons and other birds are left with no place to perch during the day or roost throughout the night.

No regular maintenance is needed to keep these Anti-Bird Spikes intact. However it is advised to periodically check for damage that may be caused by construction work or other house repairs. Pigeons will immediately recognize damaged spikes as a good place to perch!ᅠ

Easy to Install in Only a Few Quick Steps:

1. Inspect the ledges of your house to identify all of the possible spots for birds to perch. Clean the surface of these areas well taking care to remove droppings residue and any dirt.

2. Make sure that the surface is dry and then use screws or fixing silicone such as AVISIL Bird Spike Adhesive (10mm) to affix the base of the spike strip. Note that this base must be stuck onto the highest surfaces of the ledge ヨ otherwise the pigeons will bypass the Anti-Bird Spikes and perch on any higher areas.

3. Place the first row of spikes along the front of your chosen ledge and press firmly. For wide areas you may need to install additional rows of spikes. The more tightly you pack the rows of spikes the better. Itメs important not to leave more than 2 inches (5cm) in between each row. If you need to fill a small area simply break the spikes with your fingers into a shorter strip that fits.

4. Any cavities or holes in the exterior wall behind the Anti-Bird Spikes must be filled with expanding foam or wire mesh. When sealing these holes check carefully to see if any birds are trapped in the recesses before closing them up permanently!

Features and Specifications:

  • Wire Diameter of Spike: 1.3mm
  • Protection Width: 13cm
  • Spike Length: 11cm
  • Number of Spikes per Strip: 40 Spikes
  • Weight: 187g/ metre
  • Spike Material: 304 Stainless Steel Wire and Polycarbonate Base
  • Base Dimensions: L: 50 cm x W: 4cm x H: 1cm

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