Car Gear Roller Car Wheel Arch Fender Reformer

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Car Gear Roller Car Wheel Arch Fender Reformer

Accidentally nudge a pole? Get into a fight with a fence? Your fender repair tool is exactly the help you need. Attach it and roll your fender back to a normal shape. Lend it to your mate for some brownie points.

Your car or light truck have 4 or 5 lug nots on the wheel? You got a normal car? If so your fender dent removal tool will fit. The almost universal design will be your best buddy for car repairs.

Jack the car up. Ease the wheel off. Insert your fender-rolling roller. Bolt it on. Remove any casing. Adjust and get to rolling. Start gently and work out the right angle to roll on.

Almost completely steel construction. Plastic only on the bits you want it. We hope you do not have to mend many fenders to repair but if you do this will be your constant companion.

Adjust the arm to work on many fenders. Move it from 300m all the way to 615mm. Suitable for all normal cars. You are out of luck if you want to use this on your monster truck.

Key Features:

  • Professional fender reforming and repair
  • Fit most cars and light trucks with 4 and 5 lug nuts
  • 295mm-430mm arm adjustable
  • Works with many wheel sizes
  • 180° rotatable roller
  • High tensile steel
  • Premium hardware
  • Easy to use


Frame and hardware material: Steel

Handle material: PP plastic

Roller material: PVC coated steel

Dimension: 63.5cm x 23.8cm x 30.4cm (L x W x H)

Colour: Blue

This pack contains:

1x Fender Guard Roller

1x Instruction Manual

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Weight 7000 g


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